About Us

Verney Road is a vibrant school of more than 235 students and 110 dedicated staff who work tirelessly to progress the whole child. The explicit teaching of Literacy and Numeracy are key priorities as are the development of independent living and learning skills. The Arts and Health & Physical Education are an integral part of the curriculum. Students attend VRS from 3 years of age in Early Education up to 18 years in VPC (Victorian Pathways Certificate).

Verney Road School Early Years Playground

Our Vision

Verney Road School in partnership with parents, carers and the community provides the best opportunity for all children to have a meaningful and worthwhile education. We optimise talents and abilities and enhance self esteem and prepare each individual for a purposeful pathway into adulthood.

Our Purpose

Verney Road School is committed to providing an education for children and young people with a mild, moderate or severe intellectual disability from age 2.8 – 18 years.

Many students have multiple diagnoses of disability. These may include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Down Syndrome. Students can also present with sensory, physical impairment and challenging behaviours.

We have a strong learning ethos with a belief ‘that all children can learn.’ Individualised Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely, (SMART) goals and teaching strategies are developed with parents / carers using Individual Learning Plans, with high expectations for all learners.

Our goal is the promotion of positive student behaviour, communication skills, emotional wellbeing and maximising independence in daily life and learning.

Our Values

Our School

Verney Road School is a modern facility which includes specially designed classrooms, along with a Woodwork Shed, Art Room, Library , Sensory Room, Perceptual Motor Program Room, Spa, Multi-purpose Room, Home Crafts Room and large play areas.

Our student population comes from a wide geographical zone including Shepparton, Mooroopna, Numurkah, Murchison, Kyabram, Violet Town and Tatura Transport may be provided for all students who meet the criteria for our school.

Extra programs at the school include Riding for the Disabled (RDA), Swimming, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy, Speech Therapy, Integration, Home Crafts, Perceptual Motor Programs, Sensory Stimulation, Music Therapy.

Verney Road School Classrooms & Basketball Court

Leadership Team

Angela Buxton
Daniel Lloyd
Assistant Principal
Georgia Bell
Assistant Principal
Jesse Whittaker
Assistant Principal
Kylie Freeman
Junior School Unit Leader
(Early Years)
Joanne Scarborough
Junior School Unit Leader
(Lower Middle Years)
Andrew Renato
Senior School Unit Leader
(Upper Middle Years)
Kayla Whittaker
Senior School Unit Leader
(Senior Years/VPC)
Sebastian Barros-Vargas
Senior School Unit Leader
(Senior Years/VPC)

Teaching & Learning

At Verney Road School we have an agreed teaching model that is implemented in all our teaching. It includes a clear Learning Intention which determines the skill or knowledge the students will learn during the session.

The next stage is Explicit Teaching which involves activating prior knowledge, linking to previous learning and the teacher modelling, using ‘think aloud.’

Tasks are then set to meet the learning intention, these are differentiated to meet the student’s needs. Throughout the lesson feedback supports the learning. Task and process feedback is given  and ‘praise’ directed to the learner is limited.

‘Wait time’ is crucial to the teaching model and ensures all learners are given adequate processing time during questioning.

Classroom observations are held every term. Every teacher is observed by a member of the leadership team as well as being involved in one Peer Observation every term.

Observations use the Elmore Model (2009). Observers note: What the teacher is doing and saying? What the students are doing and saying? What are the tasks?

Feedback is given to the teacher verbally and in writing.

Verney Road School Classroom


All job opportunities are advertised on the Department of Education’s careers portal, Recruitment Online (ROL).

New vacant positions are often advertised, so check back regularly and search for ‘Verney Road School’.

Teachers who do not have an approved special education qualification but do have current provisional or full registration from the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) may apply. Preference will be given to applicants who have an approved special education qualification.

School Tours

Prospective applicants are encouraged to tour the school prior to the closing date for applications. These visits can be organised by contacting the school on (03) 5821 8185 and speaking with one of our Assistant Principals.

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For more information about specialist school enrolment and transport support,
see: School ZonesEnrol in school and Getting to school.

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