Update: Verney Road Intersection Upgrades

The following is a council update on the progress of the major roadworks project currently underway at the Balaclava / Verney / New Dookie Roads / Hawdon Street intersection.

Stage One Works

During the school holidays Council’s contractor, JDC, has been targeting some important works around the perimeter of the Verney Road School to minimise disruption to school students, staff and visitors.  We have successfully demolished and reinstated the footpath on the north side of Balaclava Road and the west side of Verney Road adjacent to the school boundary and relocated a small section of the School’s perimeter fence. 

Works have also continued in haste elsewhere on the site, including the installation of the traffic signals on the north side of the intersection in readiness for connection at the completion of Stage Two.

Kerb and channel construction for Stage One is approximately 50 per cent complete with the construction of road pavement approximately 15 per cent complete. 

Council is pleased that the project is on schedule with 35 per cent of the total project works completed to date.

Upcoming Works

Stage One pavement construction will continue over the coming weeks.

A traffic management plan for Stage Two of the works (the south side of the intersection) is being developed for submission to Regional Roads Victoria for approval.

For more details on Stage One’s traffic management plan visit the project page on Council’s website http://greatershepparton.com.au/council/major-projects/balaclava-verney-new-dookie-hawdon-intersection-upgrade

Neighbouring Street Conditions

You may have noticed the speed detection trailer in Maple Street. This will raise awareness of drivers to the speed they are travelling on these streets and help reduce driving speeds.  Additional signage along Maple and Blackwood Streets and line marking at intersections has also been introduced to improve traffic conditions.

The Balaclava Rd / Verney Rd Intersection Upgrade - Stage 1 Traffic Management Portrait
The Balaclava/Verney Rd Intersection Upgrade – Stage 1 Traffic Management Portrait shows traffic management and detour details in place during Stage 1 of construction until Nov/Dec 2019. (Click here to open PDF)

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