Teaching & Learning

At Verney Road School we have an agreed teaching model that is implemented in all our teaching.

It includes a clear Learning Intention which determines the skill or knowledge the students will learn during the session.

The next stage is Explicit Teaching which involves activating prior knowledge, linking to previous learning and the teacher modelling, using ‘think aloud.’

Tasks are then set to meet the learning intention, these are differentiated to meet the student’s needs. Throughout the lesson feedback supports the learning.

Task and process feedback is given  and ‘praise’ directed to the learner is limited.

‘Wait time’ is crucial to the teaching model and ensures all learners are given adequate processing time during questioning.

Classroom observations are held every term. Every teacher is observed by a member of the leadership team as well as being involved in one Peer Observation every term.

Observations use the Elmore Model (2009). Observers note: What the teacher is doing and saying? What the students are doing and saying? What are the tasks?

Feedback is given to the teacher verbally and in writing.

Observation Note taking Sheet


VRS Teaching Model