Verney Road Captains with the $6,000 IGA Cheque

Shopping helps students go to Beijing

Shopper loyalty points, like plastic toys, are an added inducement to customers to spend with them. But unlike most plastic toys, points have a cumulative monetary value. This month, loyalty points have been converted into a substantial amount of money, $6,000.

This was the amount that Fairleys SUPA IGA converted donated loyalty points into cash and passed across to Verney Road School, a portion of which will be used to support 10 students and eight staff  to take an overseas school trip to Beijing in September for nine days. An overseas trip like this is arranged every three years for students. This year the plans are to spend a day at a Special School in Beijing as well as visit the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and the Olympic site.

On a market day during December, students from the school go to the Fairleys IGA store and ask shoppers to donate their points to the school. This is added on to the points donated to the cause by shoppers throughout the year. To be able to raise so much says a lot about the community shopping at Fairleys IGA for being so generous with gifting their points to the school.

PHOTO: From left, Verney Road School vice captain, Maddison Keyte and captain, Health Vale are thankful for the $6,000 cheque from Fairleys SUPA IGA, which will go towards a school overseas trip to Beijing.

STORY: Ash Beks, The Shepparton Adviser