School Song

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At Verney Road were working hard

Each and every day

Our teachers and our families

Strive to find a better way

Through classroom learning

Music, Art, PE, Swimming and Cooking

It’s really very easy to see

How bright our future’s looking



Together we learn

Together we play

Together we can do it

To find a better way

We’ll work together to be strong

Find a place where we belong

Together at Verney Road

The journey never ends



We go out into the community

As we hope to learn new skills

RDA, Hospitality, Travel Training

Have all the right tools

In building these great partnerships

For every boy and girl

We’re sure to make a lasting mark

On this our great big world




Be Safe

Be Responsible

And always be respectful

All of this …….

Makes us great learners


Music produced by Loretta Shannon & Merryn Saraiva.