Hume Region Special Schools’ Curriculum

Note: Verney Road School now uses newer curriculum across our school:

As the original HRSS website is now non-existent, the below is provided for archive purposes.

Background to the Curriculum

The Hume Region Special Schools would like to acknowledge the work done by the staff of Dandenong Valley School in the initial development of this curriculum in 2006.

In 2009 a group of teachers from the five Special Schools in the Hume Region was granted Teacher Professional Leave to further extend and modify the Dandenong Valley Curriculum to include:

  • an extra 5 stages from  11 to 15 in Mathematics and English
  • checklists in all domains
  • proformas to be used in report writing
  • tools for assessment
  • assessment protocols

The desire for a relevant, functional curriculum consistent with Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) has lead to the development of this document. The VELS provide a curriculum framework for all Victorian schools.

The VELS are embedded within three core, interrelated strands.

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Discipline-based Learning

Interdisciplinary Learning.

For our students, learning and teaching within these strands must focus on understanding what they need to know for success in the future.

The Curriculum is consistent with the structure of the VELS, with dimensions for each domain used as a guide to ensure broad scope. The integrated structure of the strands in the VELS documents supports approaches used in Specialist settings. Behaviours and skills may appear in more than one domain, with the emphasis being slightly different to reflect context.

Consistent with the VELS documents, the Curriculum was completed both by stages and domains. This was to address continuity and consistency and for ease of use.

Each stage has a description of the learning and teaching priorities. Many of these were adapted from the P scales descriptors and from the First Steps (Second Edition- Department of Education and Training, Western Australia)

The majority of the curriculum is written in ten stages. Stages 1-8 are considered to be pre VELS. Stages 9 and 10 are approximate to Levels 1 and 2 of VELS. Stages 11 to 15 (in Mathematics and English) are approximate to Levels 2 and 3 of VELS.These approximations between VELS and the HRSS Curriculum stages are relevant to Mathematics and English only.

In 2010 the ICT Curriculum was rewritten and extended. It now consists of fifteen stages.

A new Domain of Independent Living Skills was created. It begins at Stage 4 and extends to Stage 15 under eight Dimensions.