Helping your child transition back to school

It has been quite a disruptive year this year and hard to gain momentum with so many changes. As students and staff return to school it can be a time of upheaval and uncertainty around ‘how long till the next one?’ Anxiety or nervousness, fear, excitement, the difficulty of getting back into routine.

Todays blurb is short and sharp to support a pain free transition back to school.

Here are some ways you can support your child:

Get back into routine. 

Routines are safe and familiar which can help reduce anxiety. 

Focus on what you can control. 

It’s hard getting caught up in the unknown and ‘what-if’s’? Helping your child identify what they can control and practical things they can do can help them be more in the present moment and reduce anxiety. Practical strategies can include getting organised, making plans for the weekend, preparing their school bag, etc.

Revisit social distancing rules and good hygiene practices. 

Reviewing these can help your child feel more at ease about their safety when in public spaces.

Provide reassurance. 

Sometimes we can’t solve all our children’s problems, but they don’t always need solutions – just to feel understood and supported.

Explore the positives. 

Even if they are worried about returning to school, there may be some things they are looking forward to. It can be helpful to chat through these together if they seem open to this.

Remember that you can always reach out for help and support.

The Wellbeing Team