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Helping children cope with stress during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

For the last 3 or so weeks we have all been in unchartered waters. It has been a time of immense change and uncertainty with no clear indication of when things will get back to ‘normal.’

For us and our children this insecurity can create and highten emotions of not feeling safe, vulnerability, concerns for the health and wellbeing of loved ones – family and friends. Feeling disconnected from our communities and support networks and feeling anxious in this state of change where normal has gone out the window.

Unfortunately don’t have a magic wand to change anything or a crystal ball to let you know when it will all be over. All I can do is listen to the experts (occasionally – not all day every day), follow their advice around distancing and hygiene, and do what I need to do around keeping as grounded and calm as possible. For me this includes exercise, meditation and positive self talk.

Another stressor is our children and how they process all this information that they see, hear and maybe read. I have made up a small fact sheet that I hope will be of use in how you respond to the needs of the children you care for. I hope you find it useful.

Source: World Health Organisation

Stay safe, use your devices to stay in contact with friends and family, breathe, continue to look after yourself. Use the time to invest into your family by playing board games and puzzles, going for walks and mucking around in the backyard.

If you need to have a chat about anything contact the school and a message will be passed on to me.
Take care.