What is Flexibuzz?

FlexiBuzz (formerly known as ‘TiqBiz’) is our newest way of communicating to you! It’s a free app to download and use on any smartphone, tablet or computer. You will be notified of news & events in your child’s classroom as well as the ability to message teaching staff directly.

Other features include automatic language translations, event reminders, newsletters, student absences & quick links.

Download Flexibuzz on the App Store
Download Flexibuzz on your Andorid phone

New to Flexibuzz?

  1. Get the app
    Open up your device’s app store and search for ‘flexibuzz’ in the search bar. The icon looks like this:
    Once fully loaded and installed, open the app and please ‘Allow’ notifications if prompted – this means you’ll get a message when you receive any communication from us.
  2. Sign up
    You will need to register an account (if you don’t already have one) to use the app and enable one2one communication.
  3. Search for us & tick your rooms
    In the search box, type ‘Verney Road School’ and then tap ‘add’ next to the room number of your child/ren.

You’re now up & running!

Already on Flexibuzz?

If you’ve set up Flexibuzz before, you’ll need to subscribe to the new Verney Road classroom of your child/ren for 2018.

  • Open Flexibuzz
  • Search tab
  • ‘Verney Road School’

Simply tap ‘Remove’ next to the old classroom and Add’ to the new.

Where do I go for help?

Your child’s classroom teacher will be able to assist with general questions regarding content within the app.

If you need technical assistance with downloading the app, accounts and logging in, the helpful team at the Flexibuzz ‘hive’ will be able to get you sorted on the phone 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Victorian office: (03) 9800 1489            Email: team@tiqbiz.com