Day 5: A day of leisure

Sunday saw the group move locations because of a government gala day in central Beijing to a very NICE hotel in the suburbs. As you can see from the two group photos taken the hotel in magnificent.

It was a day of leisure, so they all walked down to a market selling all sorts of things, including pets such as crickets and turtles. At the antique market they learnt how to haggle over the price.  We enjoyed looking around and came away with some interesting trinkets.

The robot at the hotel continues to amuse them.  Every now and then it decides it needs a break and takes the lift to the third floor!  They’re not sure what it does up there – maybe it has a room?   

The evening meal was had at the fancy new hotel. Three different flavoured dumplings, fried rice and a meat and noodle dish delighted the taste buds. They also didn’t need to go away from our hotel for tea – BONUS!

As reward everyone was treated to an enormous ice cream!