Completion of Stage 1 Roadworks This Weekend

This week Jarvis Delahey Contractors Pty Ltd are finishing off most of the works on the northern side of the intersection in preparation to move over to the southern side for Stage Two of the project.  Remaining Stage One works include asphalt wearing course, installation of pedestrian fences, line marking and signage. The temporary fencing in place for Stage One will be removed and bollards installed on the south side of the intersection in preparation for Stage Two works to commence.

Greater Shepparton City Council has confirmed that the traffic management for the Balaclava/Verney/New Dookie Roads/Hawdon Street intersection is to change from Stage One (closure of north side of the intersection) to Stage Two (closure of south side of the intersection) late Friday 15 November and Saturday 16 November 2019. 

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Families may need to change the way they access Verney Road School from Monday 18 November. 

The Stage Two traffic management arrangements are:

  • The intersection will be closed to traffic entering from or turning into Hawdon Street
  • Verney Road will be open to traffic at the intersection. Verney Road traffic will be able to turn right and left but will be unable to continue straight through onto Hawdon Street.
  • Verney Road’s new permanent left turn slip lane onto new Dookie Road will be open to traffic
  • Traffic will continue to be permitted to travel east and west on Balaclava and New Dookie Roads at restricted speed
  • Temporary traffic lights will remain in place at Balaclava Rd/Verney Rd/New Dookie Rd
  • Temporary traffic lights will remain in place at the Balaclava Rd/Bourchier St/Clive St intersection

This traffic management arrangement will be in place until works are completed in April/May 2020.

Stage Two Works

  1. Water Main Contract

The first stage of works on the south side of the intersection involves the relocation of two existing water mains.  Two contractors have been engaged to complete these works, one working in Balaclava Road between Hawdon and Clive Streets and the other in New Dookie Road between Glenn and Wheeler Streets.

Due to the site conditions each contractor will be undertaking different methods to construct the new sections of water mains. The Balaclava Road water main will be open trenched (excavated) and the New Dookie Road water main will be horizontal bored under the road.

It is anticipated that these works will be completed by 20 December 2019.

  • Electrical Works

Electricity service connections in Balaclava Road and Hawdon Street will be relocated underground to allow for water main works in Balaclava Road. These will commence on 18 November and continue until 6 December 2019.

  • Civil Works Contract

Jarvis Delahey Contractors will be carrying out minor works around the Ash Street link and in Hawdon Street until the end of December 2019. They will then be back on site early January 2020 to commence construction of the south side of the intersection including kerb and channel, pavement construction and indented parking.

Please be mindful of reduced speed restrictions when driving in the area and follow detours as signed. Traffic Management arrangements will remain in place during the Christmas break.

The Stage Two traffic management plan together with other information in relation to this project can be obtained on Council’s website at   

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