Submitting a Student Absence

Rolls are marked and follow-up call are made each morning to the parents/carers of students who are not at school. To assist with this process, please advise us as soon as possible with any absences via any of the following methods:

  • Call the front office on (03) 5821 8185
  • Message your child’s classroom teacher via Seesaw
  • Online form

Every Day Counts

Thank-you to all families who send their children to school every day they are well. Consistent schooling is so important for your child’s learning. It’s very hard for students to ‘catch up’ when they
have intermittent days off school.

If you find your child is anxious in the mornings before coming to school, please ring the class teacher or Unit Leader immediately as they will help you sort things out.

On the other hand , if your child is sick, they must stay home until they are well, to ensure any contagion does not spread.

Outstanding attenders each term are rewarded with a free pizza lunch with the principal, whilst students with a 99% – 100% record are individually acknowledged for their achievement at our end of year assembly.