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A Good Day Starts with a Healthy breakfast

At Verney Road School we are supported by Foodbank Victoria and provide a healthy breakfast for students. Our breakfast Club has a selection cereals and toast as our basics. We also back this up with different options each day and could include scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausages, bacon, toasties and baked beans or spaghetti.

There is lots of evidence that backs up the need for children and adolescents to have a breakfast that is not high in sugar and has a good level of fibre with a mix of carbohydrate and protein. After a nights sleep the body and brain need to be nourished so that it can prepare and be at its best throughout the day. Skipping breakfast does not set your child up to be successful. Low blood sugar levels decrease concentration and increase moodiness.

So, if for whatever reason your child has missed out at home, they are more than welcome to join me at ours. I have also added a section of the Foodbank newsletter for you to have a read to understand who they are and what they do.

At the end of 2019 Foodbank Victoria reached a new milestone for the School Breakfast Clubs Program, with 10 million meals distributed to schools. With more schools joining us in 2020, that number will continue to rise as we assist more students, families and communities. If you’re joining the program for the first time, we wish your school community a warm welcome. For those schools who have been with us for a while, we appreciate your ongoing enthusiasm and support.

There’s now more lunch to munch

We now have extra menu choices for students to enjoy at lunchtime. You can select from butternut pumpkin soup, beef and vegetable stockpot stew, tinned spaghetti, lentil salad and fresh oranges. These new items are in addition to the nutritious choices already available: tuna, rice and vegetable lunch bowls, mini milks, apples and fruit cups.

The lunch menu has been carefully selected to also include “grab and go” options to make it easy to distribute to students.

The lunch menu, like the breakfast menu, prioritises healthy food that is produced in Victoria, supporting our farmers and manufacturers, some of whom may be affected by drought and bushfires. The menu meets the
Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service’s ‘green rating’ standard and 78% of the products are manufactured here in Victoria.

A friendly reminder that the Lunch program is different to the universal approach of Breakfast Clubs. It is targeted to students who come to school without lunch, to help them focus and engage in their learning across the entire school day.