Year Recap

Thanks to our School Captains, Daniel, Dom and Tanika for their year of representing the school. They have developed leadership, confidence and public speaking skills. Congratulations!

2016 Verney Road School Captain – Dom, Daniel & Tanika

A major priority this year has been the increasing use and understanding of Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC). We are dedicated to ensuring all students can participate in conversation and their learning, by communicating. Thanks to Merryn for leading the communication team and Haylee Parfett for her expert advice every term. We are thrilled with the progress our staff and students have made in this field.

Darcy and Michael use a PODD to communicate in the classroom

A big thankyou to all our staff who have given their time to the planning of great camp experiences for all our students. The students have been to Melbourne, Nillahcootie, Blackwood, Echuca, Sydney and even slept over at school. Without the dedication of our staff to go above and beyond, these great experiences would not happen!

A testament to that is Beijing! Nine Senior students had a wonderful experience travelling overseas to China, namely Beijing for the trip of a lifetime. They experienced all an overseas trip can provide in a different culture, food, travel and sights such as The Great Wall and Tiananmen Square. Again, our grateful thanks to the staff because a trip like this doesn’t happen without 24/7 staff commitment!

The ‘Beijing or Bust’ China 2016 group

Our Seniors have certainly developed their work experience skills in 2016. Congratulations to Lazaro and Brayden for their consistent work in paid employment, one day a week, throughout the majority of the year. This year was very exciting as Brayden Russo actually commenced a School Based Apprenticeship at Tatura Family Butchers, the first Verney Road student to have achieved this pathway. That’s outstanding! All our Seniors have certainly developed their work persistence skills in 2016. Thankyou to Janine Thorne and her team for leading this important pathway’s work.

We have celebrated some special events this year with the Mothers’ Day High Tea, the Fathers’ Day Breakfast, the Fun Run, The Athletics and Swimming Sports. These are a great opportunity for families to join in with their children at special events.

A huge success for our students was ‘Cheerleading.’ Our team travelled to Melbourne and participated in state-wide competition and came second! They have an enormous trophy to prove it. The greater success was in their resilience to train, their confidence to take the stage and their persistence to follow through. Thankyou to Kelli for her commitment to this idea and making it happen, Mel and Linda for supporting the training and Ben for travelling and supporting the team for the event. We also appreciated the Community Fund commitment of $4000 to support this fabulous project.

VRS Dragons Cheerleading team

2016 is a very special year because we are saying goodbye to our Assistant Principal Prue and Leading Teacher, Ann. Both have been at VRS since its inception. Prue has worked with children in Disability at Goulburn SDS and Verney Rd since 1984. Congratulations on your 32 years Prue!  Ann has worked at the SDS, Graham St and Verney Rd since 1998.Congratulations on your 18 years Ann. Both have shown an outstanding commitment to children and disability. We know you will be as proactive in the next phase of your lives! This year we will farewell Natalie, Tania and Linda and thank them for their contribution to VRS. We also say goodbye to our trainees Julia and Claire and wish them well in their future careers.

Some of the Senior Years students graduating at the end of the year

Speaking of farewells. This year our Senior’s graduating are: Ryan Goldsworthy, Chloeyann Millman, Mathilda Paul, Lana Ingram, Lazaro Tuiysabe, Daniel Simpson, Dominic Barlow, Brayden Russo, Tanika Headland, Maggie Kortamen and Kane Harris. We thank you for your great contribution as learners at VRS.

I wish all our community a very special Christmas and holiday break.



Janet Gill Kirkman


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